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"You Can Do Anything!  Just Get Up & Follow Your Dreams."

Meet Ingrida Strokovas


Most important to me is my husband Arturas and my three beautiful girls.  Twenty years ago I migrated to the United States from Lithuania.  This was a huge step and I had to start from scratch and learn a new language and culture with just my suitcase and family in hand.  Initially to pay the bills, I worked a job but found myself unhappy.  There is so much opportunity in the US provided to us on our plate, we just have to eat. I have always been a natural entrepreneur even back home, but the process in the US is so much easier. 



Learn my best anti-aging solutions and some of the latest technologies designed to keep us young and healthy without surgery or drugs.

Beauty Tips


Have you ever wanted to try airbrush makeup but thought it was too expensive?  During our first consultation, I will provide you with a complimentary spa quality facial that includes and airbrush makeup finish. 

Rita Drew,


"Prior to working with Ingrida Strokovas, I never believed I could have it all.  My family has always struggled living paycheck to paycheck despite working so many hours every day. With Ingrida's guidance and support I have started my own business.  My business has increased each month and I am so excited about my future and I see a way out.  She has taught me how to run a successful business, spend quality time with my family while still working full-time.  My business allows me to do what I do best which is helping people while at the same time helping myself grow both personally and financially."

Michael Moore,

Celebrity Makeup Artist

"When I first met Ingrida Strokovas at the Beauty Meets Wellness event in Chicago hosted by her group, I was impressed  by her style and natural leadership skills.  The airbrush makeup they launched this year is so fabulous I am using it on my celebrity clients. If you are a makeup artist and want to help give your clients the edge, this product is the way to go.  It is water resistant, last all day and you do not have to touch it up.  I have been the exclusive makeup artist for one of my clients for 15 years and I was hesitant to try it on him.  After the first application he began to request it and now I have stock piled this so I never run out."

Kristina Kornijenko,

Stay at Home Mom

"When Ingrida Strokovas invited me to her anti-aging spa party, I was so excited. When it comes to anti-aging, I am willing to invest in myself to stay young. I only by natural products that meet the highest standard of purity.  After the first time I tried the youth enhancement system, I new it was superior and immediately through away my other skincare products.  After using the system for just a few weeks, my skin was glowing.  It is so lightweight and provides the sun protection I need.  My skin is left looking radiant and beautiful all day."

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